Drum Pulper Ahlstrom

General information:
– Manufacturer Ahlstrom
– OCC Fiberflow Drum
– Up to 400tpd max (460 Tpd)
– Power 500kW (660V, 1500rpm)
– Length of the drum 26.850 mm and diameter 3.270 mm
– 8mm holes size in screening section
– Year of made 1993
– All stainless steel

The following is also inlcuded:
– B&G conveyor
– Diswiring plant built by FMW
– Spare parts, pumps and agitator

Pulper Drum Ahlstrom

Información general:

Fabricado por Ahlstrom
Modelo FF325E
OCC Fiberflow Drum
Capacidad 400tpd
Potencia 500kW (660V, 1500rpm)
8mm tamañp de los agujeros en sección de depurado
Fabricado en el año 1993
Todo acero inoxidable

Cinta transportadora B&G