Off Line Coater width 2.850 mm

General information:

– Manufactured by Jagenberg
– Width 2.850 mm
– Production rate is around 200 Tons/day
– Maximum speed is 600 m/min
– Year installed 1994
For the coating and additives preparation is equiped with a GAW coating kitchen.
This machine can work in cojunction with a Bruderhaus Supercalender, to produce gloss coated

Off-line Coater:
•Flying splice automatic system, from Voith.
•2 Combi blade coating
•IR Voith Krieger dryer system, installed after the Coating stages, both modules has a combination of Ceramic and Metallic emitters.
•Flotation dryers, with steam-air heat exchanger, 2 modules.
•As a final drying stage has a dryer cylindries battery.
•QCS Honeywell Measurex, to measure and control basis weight and moisture on each stage, base paper, intermediate and final paper properties. This system is used to control the coating stages.
•Has load cells on each stage to control the paper web tension.
•Drives are based on APC controller and ACV700 ABB drives.
•A Siemens system based on S7300 control the operation of each area, the S7200 Siemens PLC control specifically the flying splice logic.