Coating Machine Voith paper width 2.500 mm

General information:

Speed maximum: 700 m/min
Year manufacturer 1970 and overhauled in 1994
Paper width: 2.500 mm (Table width baking roll 2.600 mm)
Diameter unwind maximum bobine: 2.000 mm
Diameter maximum on pope reel: 2.000 mm
Drive system: axial with 2 motors of c.c. 440 V and 170 Hp on the Principal driving and 2 motors of 16 kW on the automathic reel change
Coating capacity: 6 – 20 gr/m2
Drying capacity: 6 gr/m2 for side 700 m/min, 20 gr/m2 for side 200 m/min
Pressure steam in the hood: 15 bar
Electric system: supplied by Brown Boveri
Lubrication system: automathic
Unwind bobines: automathic changing bobines
Coating Heads: Twin Dynamic Blade with feeding circuit
Drying equipment: (3) Air hood and (2) dryer cylinders of 1.500 mm diameter. Steam consumption: 4.500 kg/h