Crescent former Head box slice width 2.850 mm

General information:

– Installed new in 2004 and start up in 2005
– Width after rewinder 2.750 mm
– Capacity 80-100 Tpd
– Machine Crescent former with twin jets headbox
– Built by PMT

Stainless twin jet headbox slice width 2.850 mm, with adjust of the slice, for a maximum speed 2.000 m/min
N°8 raws of pipes
Flow: 48.000 lt/min
Min flow: 30.000 lt/min
Max flow: 61.000 lt/min
Nominal recirculation: about 8{dcf570cd66c06116d9576c9be6f77351bf944c32962a5be9cfc90c17acb38067}
Vertical slice opening: min 6 – max 10 mm
Horizontal slice movement: about 5 mm