Kraft liner paper mill trim width 2.500 mm

General information:

Pressurized Head box with slice width: 2660mm
Head box grammage range: 40 – 150gsm
Secondary head box on the top of the base wire with slice width: 2600mm
Secondary head box grammage range: 30-60gsm
Paper width on pope-roll: 2550-2560mm
Trimmed paper width: 2500mm
Speed: 240m/min at 90gsm or 200-205m/min at 110gsm.
Paper grades: After selected modifications the machine produces quality corrugated paper
materials like Semi-Kraftliner (TL1), Testliner 3 (TL3) and Wellenstoff with best performance in
light basis weights. Small percentage of the production is Machine-Smooth kraft papers for
wrapping/packing, shopping and small bags.
Grammage range: 80-150gsm
Actual production: 80 tpd
Raw materials used: Old Corrugated Containers, New Double Corrugated cuttings with high
content of virgin fibre paper materials. Unbleached Softwood Kraft Pulp.