Pulp Mill 130 ADT/day

General information:

The Pulp mill is a kraft hard wood bleached mill, with a production rate of 130 ADT/day. The digester is a Kamyr continuous one of 1.5 diam x 18 mts height, descendent flow.
Has a pre-impregnation stage. After that the unbleached pulp is cleaned in a centrifugal stage and two stages of pressure screens and washing filters, Then has a O2 delignification stage with Soda addition and two washing filters. The final bleaching stage is a Peroxide based with addition of Chelants and pH control, a Filter, three bleaching ascendant towers and a final thickener and Stock Tower.
The process is high automated, with a modern DCS 800XA of ABB, with ABB, Metso, NAF instrumentation.

•Pumps: Sulzer, KSB, NASH.
•Motors and electric components: ABB
•Gearboxes: SEW, Bonfigliolli, Flender.
•Coupling: Rexnord, Flender.
•Pneumatic: Festo.
•Instrumentation: ABB, Metso, E+H, Foxboro.

Chipper Capacity: 72 m3s /h. c

•Chipper Cartage 85”
•chipper Cartage 88”, drive was upgraded to ACS800 ABB and a AC induction motor of
710 kw.

Pulp Mill
– Digestion
Feeders: Chip Bin, Chip Meter, Low Pressure Feeder, High Pressure Feeder. Pre
impregnation and digester.
– O2 Delignification and Peroxide Bleaching
– Evaporation
– Recovery Boiler
The recovery boiler has 4 liquor guns, one smelt spout, 7 soot blowers clyde
bergemann, Electrostatic Precipitators Alstom EPIC.
– Causticizing & Lime Kiln


Pulp Mill 130 ADT/day